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4 Amps to W – 4 Amperes in Watts

4 amps to W means the same as changing 4 amps to watts 🙂

4 Amps to Watts Converter


Right below you can find all you want to know about the conversion:

How Many Watts in 4 Amps?

The answer to the question depends on:

  1. Whether you have a direct (DC) or alternating (AC) flow of electric charge
  2. In case of an AC single-phase system, the power factor (PF)
  3. In case of an AC three-phase system the PF as well as a constant for line to line voltage L-L(V) or line to neutral voltage L-0(V)

In an alternating current circuit, the power factor (PF) is the quotient of real power / apparent power with a value in between 0 and 1: 0 ≤ PF ≤ 1.

In the International System of Units (SI):

  • The ampere (A) aka “amp” is the unit of electric current
  • The volt (V) is the unit of electric potential
  • The watt (W) is the unit of power
  • The ohm (Ω) is the unit of electrical resistance

Next, we explain the math:

How to Convert 4 Amps to Watts?

  • DC: P(W) = 4 A × V(V)
  • AC, Single Phase: P(W) = 4 A × PF × V(V)
  • AC, Three Phase, Line to Line Voltage: P(W) = 4 A × √3 × PF × VL-L(V)
  • AC, Three Phase, Line to Neutral Voltage: P(W) = 4 A × 3 × PF × VL-0(V)

Similar calculations include, for example:

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– Article written by Mark, last updated on February 7th, 2024