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Kilowatts to Amperes

Welcome to our kilowatts to amperes category. In this section you can find our articles which not only tell you the amperage, provided that both, the power and the voltage is known, but also come with a calculator on top of the math. In every post you can find the conversion direct as well as alternating current. In case of AC, for which the power factor PF has to be known, you will be provided with the result for single phase and 3 phase electric systems, line to line neutral and line to line voltage. As a side-line: Here you can find how to convert watts to amps. As an alternative to browsing through all the pages here, you may want to consider using our search box in the header and in the sidebar. Aside from our calculator, which you can find in each post, using our search is the most efficient way of obtaining the result of a specific kilowatts to amperes conversion.